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Hiu Bhanda Chiso (Remix)
By: DJ Girish   Album: The Best of DJ Girish
Heu Bhanda Chisho (Remix)
By: The Unity   Album: Byakaran of rap
Chhudaina (remix)
By: Nepsydaz   Album: Made In Nepal
Timro Tyo Hasilo (remix)
By: Dj Raju   Album: 20 Secs
Timro Tyo Hasilo Muhar (Remix)
By: Mingma Sherpa   Album: RemiX 2010
Teen Pate (remix)
By: DJ Santosh   Album: Addiction Remix II
Teenpaate (remix)
By: DJ Santosh   Album: Addiction Remix II
Goli Sisha Ko
By: Min Lama   Album: Remix Collection I
Nagara Do Mann
By: Rajan Ishan   Album: Remix Collection I
Asharai Mahina (Prashant Tamang)
By: Prashant Tamang   Album: Classic Hit VII
Asarai Mahinama
By: Prashant Tamang   Album: Dhanyabad
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Nepali Remix Industry at a glance !
In 2008, Nepali Remix industry was at all time high due to numerous discos, pubs and festivals going on. Tracking down the road of nepali remix music is not that too old like Indian remix counterpart. It was in late 90s when 'Non-Stop' bollywood remixes were rocking the nation, so did group of nepali pop singers (Sanjay Shrestha, Raju Lama, Sanjeep Pradhan, etc) tried to revive classic nepali melodies with first Non stop Nepali Remix Ablum - 'Kollywood'. Despite nominal sucess, Remix industry could progress due to lack of Knowledge, DJ equiptements and more importantly the market. It was only in late 2007 with DJ Raju's 'Chyangaba Hoi Chayangba' which did the magic. After its success, DJ Santosh, DJ LX and many more came out with chart toppping old nepali movie songs and got nominal success. Most of the remix songs were popular not due to music but music video. Scantly dressed teen girls would bounce and dangle their body like some strip club and boys just loved them. It was one form of entertainment after closure of dance bars in the city.