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Chithhi Khabar Pae Sathi
By: Prakash Shrestha   Album: Classic Hits By Prakash Shrestha
Timro Suido Sajaidine
By: Madhu Chetri   Album: Great Legends Vol 3
Gajalu Ti Thoola Thoola
By: Gulam Ali   Album: Great Legends Vol 2
Dubayo Papi Mayale (Video)
By: Pramod Kharel   Album: Praweg
Bachunjeli Lai (Video)
By: Lata Mangeshkar   Album: Adhunik Lahar Vol. 4
K Maya Garnu Hunnara (Video)
By: Hemanta Sharma   Album: Parampara
Sadha Mutu
By: Swaroop raj Acharya   Album: Adhunik Lahar Vol. 4
Chhadera Malai
By: Satya   Album: Adhunik Lahar Vol. 4
Timi Sangai Maya
By: Sishir Yogi   Album: Adhunik Lahar Vol. 4
Aashu Jharera
By: Sishir Yogi   Album: Adhunik Lahar Vol. 4
Kinarma Chhodi Malai
By: Pramod Kharel   Album: Samiksha
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Nepali Modern Songs - Ahdunik Geet

The dawn of modern Nepali music came in 1952, the year after the fall of the Ranas, when Radio Nepal was established; only a year later, Dharma Raj Thapa made recording history, selling 3000 copies of a novelty song about the conquest of Everest by Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

A homegrown recording industry took root under King Mahendra (1955-72), himself something of a patron of the arts, and with it came Nepal's first wave of recording stars . Still the best loved of these, though he died in 1991, is Narayan Gopal, whose songs are praised for their poignant sukha-dukha (happiness-sadness); the late Aruna Lama is also remembered for her renditions of sad and sentimental songs. Kumar Basnet remains popular for his folk songs, while Meera Rana is still in her prime, belting out classical, folk and even pop tunes. Several of Nepal's foremost composers also came out of this era, including Amber Gurung, Nati Kazi and the late Gopal Yonjan.

Ram Krishna Dhakal is one of the most talented singers of Nepal. He is currently one of the most popular singers, known for heartly and realistic modern songs. Today, its rare to find modern song singers as most of the singers are influenced by western music - called POP SONGS. Lately, in recogination of his talent His Majesty the King decorated him with the Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu.

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